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This Academic Year

In July 2016  I announced I was retiring from travelling around the country to teach my workshops in schools.  However, now that I don't have to experience the delights of the M25  and the M6, I am going to offer my workshops as before, but only to schools within approximately 70 miles of where I live in Somerset, TA6 4GW, to be precise.

I shall only be working in schools for a few days each month, because my focus now is to create videos of the life of the great artist's for use in schools. These videos will launch in January, on a new website:, and be a wonderful prelude to your art days, or art weeks.

So, just to be clear, I shall be working in schools this academic year, but there will be a number of restrictions as outlined above. I hope to see you soon as Picasso, Van Gogh,Monet, Warhol ..... you get the picture.

Filbert as Monet

Exciting Developments

At the end of this year the focus of this site will change. The aim of the new site will be to help schools plan their Art Days or Art Weeks. There will be lots of hints and tips, links to drawing and painting videos for children and much more.

The new site will also offer videos of the lives of the great artists which schools will be able to rent or buy.  
What a fabulous way to start your Art Days!

If you want to be informed when this exciting new development launches please contact me.

St James Primary School

van gogh at St James Primary

Spratton Hall School

van gogh at spratton hall

Orchid Vale Primary School

creating a mural at Orchid Vale Primary School

The Mere School

Demonstrating drawing at the Mere School

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Why not book a Great Artist for your School NOW?

Filbert working in schools

Great Artist Days

Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Kandinsky,
Rousseau and many other great artists working in your school


Great Paintings Days

A whole day based around one great painting by a great artist of your choice


GCSE ART Workshops

Designed to help students studying GCSE art and Design



Art Workshops specifically designed for teachers who  teach lessons in art, and want to improve their own painting and drawing skills


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When the artist has left...

'A very belated thank you for a fabulous 3 days engrossing ourselves in the work of L.S Lowry.

Paul was a fabulous inspiration to children and staff alike and we produced two wonderful murals for our school hall (one painted by KS1 children and the other by KS2).

This was a huge undertaking as it involved over 250 children, all the teachers, an assembly, drawing workshops and finally giving every child a chance to paint a section of the mural! All in 3 days.

Paul was so helpful throughout the whole process from our original idea to the finished product. Thank you!'

Nicola Marchesi, Art Co-ordinator. Wix Primary School, Wandsworth, London

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